Merchandising and Marketing

The link above will show the presentation I showed to the Galleries Lafayette Visual Merchandising team for their Spring/ Summer 2010 Accessories Merchandising. The theme was freedom from the workplace represented through birds, cages, and lightweight draping materials. 

While studying in Paris, I researched the Naturalia brand of soup and came up with a new label (displaying below) that would attract more consumers. 

Mimobot, the innovative USB drive company, was not utilizing all its resources when trying to market to other age groups. The link above shows the proposal I did, coming up with various characters to help attract new audiences. 

The link above shows a press release I wrote for a faux event collaboration between Betsey Johnson and Crayola. 

Obesity in America, especially in children, is very prevalent. I researched this topic and came up with a way to prevent childhood obesity as seen in the creative brief above.